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3 Ways To Use Jesmonite


Jesmonite is eco-friendly material that you can make anything from tables to trinket trays with. You can even use it to make jewellery. It’s made of gypsum based material and doesn’t require many steps in the production process, so it has less waste than other products on the market today. This blog will give you some ideas on how to use Jesmonite in your own home!

keep reading to find out more.

If you can find a mould for it you can make it and if not there are way to make your own moulds. I had left over moulds from my short stint with resin. i used these moulds to design these bright trinket trays. 

These guys have been sealed with jesmonite sealant and jesmonite say that you only need to resealed then every 10 years. They can also be kept inside or out. 

Its Just A Phase Moon Tray
IMG 8774

yellow terrazzo plant coaster, i dont know about you but i have hundreds of plants and not many snazzy coasters to catch the extra water at the bottom. 

I designed these with my medium to small plant pots in mind. I didn’t have a mould for this so used an old container top lid and it worked perfectly as the lid had a grove all the way round to produce a nice lip on it. 

This lovely yellow terrazzo coaster is one of my favs it really brings a beautiful pop of colour to any room and the yellow really brings out the green of the plants.

Next is the plant pots!

Now these little and I mean little guys are just for fun, they are called my mini desktop plant pots.

I made these using 4 old and washed yogurt containers.  Can you spot the quirky shape?

I made these little guys in my Dumfrieshire studio,

i was just pottering about(excuse the pun)and I came across the yogurt pots ready for recycling. 

I used slightly bigger ones for the pot size and little small ones to place inside with rice as a weight.

Then using gold foil to drip a lovely gold finish round the edge at the top.

Mini Desktop Jesmonite Plant Pots
Modern Bespoke Feature Coasters

The final product is a bright and colourful jesmonite piece that can be used in many different ways.

I’ve always loved how versatile this material is, which has made me want to explore it more as an artist.






From now on, you will find these pieces for sale in my shop!

3 thoughts on “3 Ways To Use Jesmonite

  1. Your products are beautiful, I especially love the plant pot! Great to hear that it’s eco friendly too 🙂

  2. I totally learned something new today!

  3. I was not aware of jesmonite before reading this, but am now interested in it. Love that it is eco-friendly and unique.

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