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5 Reason why I made the switch to Jesmonite

Hey there,

I’m a big fan of jesmonite and always enjoy reading new articles about why people love it so much. A couple reasons that I like it are because it is eco-friendly, trendy, inexpensive and easy to maintain. If you’re interested in learning more feel free to read my blog post!

I have never been a huge fan of plastic, 

Plastic is a huge problem for the environment. It’s so pervasive that it can even be found in our food, A lot of plastic ends up in landfills and the sea where it will take thousands of years to decompose and only then will it become micro plastics that get washed up on shore or in the fish you buy from the supermarket. We’re running out of space to put all these bottles and bags and our seas are drowning in plastic!  The best way to avoid this is by going with reusable containers like stainless steel or glass – They won’t pollute our planet and are better for your health anyway!

Thats only just one way to Improve our eco living,  Down below is a link to a much more in depth  article/blog by Good Energy

More resources here

So when I found out about jesmonite and the benefits it has to offer I was ecstatic. Jesmonite is a sustainable material that can be used for almost anything – from building tables, to making cutting boards. It’s hard-wearing and durable properties make it perfect for any home project or DIY project because you know it will last! Jesmonite also has an eco-friendly component which makes me feel better about using it in my house with four legged friends and family around. At first glance, when someone sees one of these products they might think “what is this?” but after seeing how versatile this product is, people are more than likely going to want their own piece of This eCo friendly material.

Its Just A Phase Moon Tray

The final product is a bright and colourful jesmonite piece that can be used in many different ways. I’ve always loved how versatile this material is, which has made me want to explore it more as an artist. From now on, you will find these pieces for sale in my shop!

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  1. This is great! I love to learn about eco-friendly ways to make art.

  2. So intereswting!

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