Art Studio Dumfriesshire
Kayleigh McCallum-West

About Kay

Kay made the move five years ago from city life to rural Scotland. In moving to rural Scotland, a vast land of hills, trees, lochs and star gazing nights, an inspiration was born that has ignited a passion for environmental issues that carries over and is expressed in her work.

She feels passionate about teaching and sharing what she had learned along the way.

She has charted a path of exploration which runs parallel to her journey of self-discovery. Kay is ardently becoming more conscientious and appreciative of both the bounties and land blesses her with, and in order to maintain harmony and balance, considerate of what she gives back to the land in return, striving to become a completely waste-free, eco-conscious artist.

Kay and her family are working towards fulfilling their dream of becoming full-time creators of beautiful, natural, recycled art: from paint to paper to frame. Join her in her jouney of self and artistic discovery, made possible by connecting to and working in harmony with Earth.

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