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Shop Update

Hey All,


Tvisual alking to you all from my wee Dumfriesshire studio,

I’m just popping on to say we will be having our biggest shop update to date.

this will include some handmade items as well as the new collection of prints and sticker packs!

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shop update-03/06/2021

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Thanks for watching!

diy studio makeover

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Junk to winter wonderland

winter wonderlandHey guys and welcome to Irosestudios, today i am making a winter wonderland from bits and bobs Ive found lying around the house.

from polystyrene packaging I cut this in half to reveal a really cool landscape for my back drop.

I used a saw and a few small tools to roughen up the edges.

using a hot glue gun to make a frozen lake with icicles around it.

used cotton fluff this made a cute snow effect. I then wired fairy lights in the caves and snow.

adding animals, santas and some pine cones and orange slices.

I used little bits of greenery i found and wood slices for pathways.

it may not be pintrest perfect but we love it!

I enjoyed making this winter wonderland as a cheap and easy diy that only took a few hours to put together and even better knowing i used something destined for the dump or landfill!

Full video below ⤵️

Let me know what you guys think!



Winter Wonderland

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Welcome to iRoseStudios


Our main goal is to create beautiful products from nature. That are eco-friendly, built locally, are locally sourced and people who buy from us can know that they are buying from a business that cares about the environment, and gives back to this.


We donate 10% of all profits to rewilding and eco impact charities.

iRoseStudios further information:

Please take a look at our website and our Instagram page.