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Junk to winter wonderland

winter wonderlandHey guys and welcome to Irosestudios, today i am making a winter wonderland from bits and bobs Ive found lying around the house.

from polystyrene packaging I cut this in half to reveal a really cool landscape for my back drop.

I used a saw and a few small tools to roughen up the edges.

using a hot glue gun to make a frozen lake with icicles around it.

used cotton fluff this made a cute snow effect. I then wired fairy lights in the caves and snow.

adding animals, santas and some pine cones and orange slices.

I used little bits of greenery i found and wood slices for pathways.

it may not be pintrest perfect but we love it!

I enjoyed making this winter wonderland as a cheap and easy diy that only took a few hours to put together and even better knowing i used something destined for the dump or landfill!

Full video below ⤵️

Let me know what you guys think!



Winter Wonderland

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5 thoughts on “Junk to winter wonderland

  1. Thanks for following my trying to follow back but it ain’t letting me

    1. Hello, sorry for such a long wait on a reply.
      I’m not sure why it’s not working but I’m looking in to it. In the mean time feel free to follow me on social media @irosestudios
      Thank you for letting me know.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I was a bit worried though. At art school I cut polystyrene and got the dust on my lungs. Be careful with that stuff.

    1. Yes, you are absolutely right, I wore a mask the whole time but I had a reaction on my skin where the dust had touched. I don’t think I’d do it again. Thank you so much for watching.
      Feel free to follow me on social media @irosestudios.

      1. Oh that’s a relief! Oh wow your skin too. Nasty stuff. Great to be creative.

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